The blind leading the blind
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Wednesday, September 27, 2017
By sharon oliver photography
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The blind leading the blind part one. Welcome to my Morocco adventure. It’s written by me but it’s mostly about us. Who are we? We are two working class Northerners from Yorkshire, we live in a council flat and we love bikes. We are both physically and mentally challenged in different ways so basically anything could happen.

“what do you do with this?” he said, “insert and remove”. I think he’s talking about the key to the cabin. Cat and no room to swing it springs to mind. It’s certainly small and he’s sleeping on the top, he prefers it that way, I’m still talking about the cabin. The bloody prices are extertionate on the Brittany Ferries cruise liner. I wanted to get two microwave meals from Morrison’s but he said don’t be tight. He’s not laughing now.

A bit about the bikes. We are riding two Ccm’s, we got them from new 12 months ago and it’s a bit like marmite, you know the love vs hate thingy. I’ve got an intermittent electrical fault. It decided to throw a wobbler on the Newbury by-pass at 7.30pm last night. Full and complete electrical failure, no lights, no headlights, etc, think it was Swampy’s revenge. Remember the eco warrior from the 80’s? Well, on the plus side at least the engine works. This morning it happened again 4 times. And then, after we got on the ferry I lost all my electronic jiggery pokery. They miraculously turned up 3 hours later in the same empty bag. The driving licence surprisingly did not re-appear due to it being left on the table at home. Next stop Spain...

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Darren - Have a great trip guys!! Careful driving down through Spain, Those trucks don't give a shit! Fill up with fuel at every stop....distances are big!....and don't let Jed go to any of those dodgy roadside 'Nightclubs'.....the Senorita's aren't what they seem! ;-)
Darren - Although Jez isn't get the idea...sorry dude!
Russ White - Good look you two, I'm very jealous