Le Sange est dans L’arbre
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Saturday, October 14, 2017
By sharon oliver photography
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Morocco is hot, obviously. But I like hot. Riding out of the City the air became cooler and then it turned to rain. Next stop was Arzou. I read somewhere that this was the coolest and wettest town in Morocco and it didn’t disappoint. As long as it wasn’t as wet as Todmorden I was happy. Lost again and going the wrong way in search of a campsite we found ourselves surrounded by Monkeys. Stopping to ask directions my O level French came in handy but all I could remember was le Sange est dans l’arbre. It seemed to do the trick as we ended up with mint tea and a crystal that I didn’t really need but hey ho. Camping was cold and the ground hard and rocky but I had the Exped down mat. I think I’ve mentioned it before but it’s got to be the best thing ever invented. It should be compulsory for all over 50’s campers especially bikers with arthritic hips and dodgy knees. His kept deflating but I didn’t want to rub it in.


“Make sure you drink enough water” the bloke in the bike shop in Manchester told me before I left, “me mates went to Morocco, one of them got dehydrated and died, they left him and carried on”, “charming” l said. I woke up half dead with puffed eyes, must remember to drink more water.


The thing about OCD is that everything takes twice as long especially if you have to sniff everything as well. This trip was never going to fast paced. We are averaging 100 miles a day and that’s without getting lost plus fannying about and brew stops. But it’s not about the destination, its always the journey. The journey takes us South. We ride through the mountains and into a rain storm and it’s so cold I’m thinking of putting my thermal top on. Then it stops. Then we hit Merzouga and it’s sweating cobs hot, off the mercury hot, but that’s deserts for you.

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Sooze - Hi Sharon & Jez. Sounds as if some of your trip has been a bit rough but hope you're having a better time now - been 11 days since your last post (not surprised cos internet access can be non-existent in some places of Morocco!!!! Have very much enjoyed your photos Sharon.

I'll be there myself next Thursday (2 Nov) (flying to Marrakech then on to Agadir, Sidi Ifni, Taraudant, Ouarzazate and then the Berber village in Jbel Saghro). and will be hoping that you're both having a good time, wherever you are!!!!!

ps. Had lots of rain last weekend - some anxiety for lots of people, but I don't think too much damage caused. Enjoy being warm!!!!