Back on the road again...
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Thursday, October 05, 2017
By sharon oliver photography
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Back on the road again but sadly not for long.

The Ccm electrical malfunction was fixed and diagnosed with thanks to Crisan at Moto Rey in Plasencia.  He put a temporary weld on the hole in the exhaust and we headed South to Algeciras.

After 7 hours long riding in the Spanish Wild West my leg was getting hotter, the temporary weld had become a permanent hole. A quick stop was in order and we pulled off the motorway to find something to eat. The thought of more chocolate croissants, cheese slices, baguettes and the odd egg was wearing a bit thin and I was hopeful that, as a veggie, I might be in with a chance of a decent meal. Sadly not on this occasion and we found ourself at a truck stop thinly disguised as a knocking shop. Darkness comes quickly in this part of Spain and the only option was to try and find a camping spot. Again, it wasn’t our lucky day and the only site we could find was run by a capitalist hippy charging over the odds (26euros) for 2 bikes and a tent which was impossible to pitch due to the rock solid ground. The hippy tried to sell us a caravan, he knew where he could stick that, it was pitch black. We left. Back on the motorway we came across Hostel Casa Bernardo Macias, 39 euros for two, perfect.

So near yet so far. It’s only 5 miles to the port at Algeciras.

He going to attempt a bodge on the hole this afternoon then over to Morocco in the morning, fingers crossed. I couldn’t get the sat nav to work for Morocco so it’s down to the old fashioned paper version.

We are going in dry, as he puts it, wish us luck with that.

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