And then there was one...
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Saturday, September 30, 2017
By sharon oliver photography
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And then there was one.

The CCM has gone. The recovery man came to collect it yesterday after its recurrent electrical fault became a permanent one and it blew a hole in the exhaust. Confidence is at an all time low with this 12 month old very expensive bike and although it looks good there’s no point in “function over form” or “all fur coat and no knickers” as me Nan used to say. We are stranded in Plasencia. It could be worse though. The campsites nice with a slight shanty town feel but I like that and at least the toilets are clean so mother would be happy. At 18 euros for a tent and two bikes it’s a bit expensive but the sun is shining and my dodgy hip has improved no end in the warm.

Roughing it on a motorbike has changed a bit since the 80’s, especially for the over 50’s. Indispensable items of kit so far, are in first place, the Exped down mat. This very expensive air bed has got to be the best thing I have ever bought. In a complete and uncharacteristic moment of decadence I even got the Exped down pillow. A great nights sleep is guaranteed although the combined price is probably the equivalent of 1 week holiday in The Costas. Second best item of kit so far is the MSR bladder closely followed by the Coleman petrol stove. Jez said he could have travelled lighter although he may be pushing it on less than 2 pairs of underpants even with the inside out, back to front and doubling up combination he is known to favour.

Plasencia sounds a bit like placenta so it could be a bit like a re-birth but I’ve never been much of a hippy anyway so let’s just wait and see where the journey takes us, and I’m hoping it’s not back to Todmorden.

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Sooze Hodgin - Just got back from Andalucia myself & caught up on your travels. Sat with Dave @ Salem & were both catching up on your news!!!

Sorry to hear about one of your bikes going tits up - I'm sure all will work out well - you're very resourceful!!! will keep checking in xxxx
Russ - Good job Jez has pillion pegs.