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Wednesday, September 05, 2018
By sharon oliver photography
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Anarchy - a state of disorder due to absence or non-recognition of authority or other controlling systems. 


I  went to Christiania, Copenhagen. Never heard of it? me neither. Apparently, its an 84 acre walled military base which first came into existence when squatters took over the abandoned plot of land in 1969. Fast forward to 1971 and the original squatters and artists won the right to self determination and so the community of ‘Freetown Christiania” was formed and the community lived life under its own rules.   Sounds pretty good so far. Christiania is self-governing with its own consensus democracy meaning that all decisions are based on the common agreement of all residents. In 2012 after being squatted on for four decades Denmark sold the land back to the residents for $13 million but because of Christianites’ rejection of property rights the prospect of ownership was unappealing. So they set up a foundation to buy the land and a mortgage was secured and Christiania was saved. But, as one resident, Ole Lykke, rightly says "We now pay double for half the freedom, considering the interest cost and increased rent. We have moved into a capitalist structure. Money talks now. It’s possible for the state to keep turning the wheel on the rent and the banks to keep making the interest higher. It will be harder and harder for older people, disabled people, to keep a home here.”


What does the future hold for Christiania? Who knows but maybe they really are re-writing history.


Christiania "Rules"

  • There is no voting, no leaders and no private property right. Everything in Christiania is common ownership with the Common-meeting as the highest authority
  • Consensus democratic decision-making process at all the many meetings regarding the internal daily activities
  • Therefore no voting whatsever, as voting creates winners and losers, where the winners usually have to establish a power structure in order to maintain the power won in a vote
  • There is no jail, no judicial system, no police


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