India - the beginning

I want to share some of my photos over the years of the places I've been and the people I've met.

I want to write a book although I wonder if anyone would read it but I'm going to do it anyway. 


I've had a love affair with India since I first travelled there almost 30 years ago and I rented a royal Enfield Bullet from a man on a street corner in Goa for R300 rupees a day.

It was a rainy day in Hebden Bridge when I said to my ex Mark, lets go to India!  We arrived in India clueless but I was determined I wanted to hire a Bullet so we set off from Delhi to Goa via long distance train. We ended up in Anjuna Beach, hippy paradise and the weed was flowing freely. I was wearing some thin trousers that I bought from the Anjuna Flea market and my walking boots when I came upon a man on a street corner standing next to the most beautiful looking Bullet I had ever seen.  Being a tight northerner I wasn't going to pay more than £3 quid a day and I quickly negotiated a good deal with him for £20 a week and with the wind in my hair and Mark on the back I set off to explore the back lanes around Goa and Tamil Nadu back and so the adventure began...

I owned 3 Honda 400/4's. It was my first real big bike! I did a night school course in bike maintenance at Ashton College. I was the only girl on the course and I learnt to strip down an engine and do exciting things like tappets and fork seals, I stripped the 400/4 down in my living room and it sat on the carpet for years serving only as a table for cans of lager. It did get in the way a bit with the all night parties in the 1980's but people just tripped over it! Someone offered me £50 and since I was a bit short of beer money that week I took it, although I've regretted it ever since, like you do!