A Little bit about me

I'm a down to earth Northerner from Manchester originally but an adopted Yorkshire lass, living in funky little Hebden Bridge and Todmorden surrounded by the glorious hills and windswept moors.

I have been a photographer for as long as I can remember. I simply love images.

Outside of photography I love to travel, India and Nepal are my two favourite places in the whole world. I also like, in no particular order: Tea, Mountains, Raw Chocolate and Hummus.

When I'm not taking photos I can usually be found riding my motorbike, the pictures above are of me riding on The Roof of the World in the Spiti Valley on the India/Tibet Border.

Why choose me?

I am passionate about my photography. I've been a photographer for over 30 years ago. I started way back when in the days of the darkroom and 24 exposure films. Every shot mattered and every shot counted and it still does.  


 I don't just shoot weddings and sometimes I can be found in a field.

I am a qualified NCTJ press photographer, and I've shot everything from portraits to sport, documentary style of course! During the summer months I can usually be found in a field somewhere shooting Triathlon's, Marathons, Ironman's and other crazy sporting events.